UNILAG: Babalakin Firmly Insists, Sack Of Ogundipe Observes Justice

Dr Wale Babalakin, who is the pro-chancellor as well as leader of Governing Council of the University of Lagos( UNILAG), Akoka, on Friday urged that the discontinuation of the appointment of Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe as the vice-chancellor of the university adhered to justice.

He additionally mentioned Prof Ogundipe was actually offered all the accusations levelled against his person as well as offered enough time to defend himself which he in fact did.

He claimed he is actually a product of law as well as consequently can refrain everything illegal.

He claimed that is actually why it was actually unexpected that he( Prof Ogundipe) was actually claiming as, if he was actually certainly not offered a possibility to defend himself.

He stated it was certainly not only Ogundipe that was actually discovered liable of misbehavior, specifically as concerns what he referred to as economic valiance by the investigation commitee as there are actually others in as well as now from the university body that is actually likewise arraigned.

He really did not discuss any of them, he pointed out those included would certainly still be actually served the repercussions of their activities.

Babalakin gave this discovery on Friday at a media conference held at the MMA 2 airfoil of the Lagos Airport on Friday.

He pointed out the sack plus all concerns surrounding it were certainly not private however a means making UNILAG a much better brand worldwide.

He stated he learnt that the complication concerning UNILAG is actually no scarceness of funds however that of misappropriation and also monetary foolhardiness on the part of administration.

” And that is actually why I ceased offering the university my own private funds as i always do since i ended up being the leader of the regulating authorities.

” I do not accumulate a cent neither a resting allocation from the educational institution as I view my consultation as a payment to the growth of the educational institution, which is my university.

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