Lupe Fiasco In Talk With Joe Budden Explains Why He Claimed Logic Is Actually Lot Better Than Kendrick Lamar

Joe Budden as well as Lupe Fiasco got on a contact to talk about the entire Logic condition, concentrating on the previous’s opinions regarding exactly how he is actually commemorating the rap artist’s retired life, and also some aged opinions were actually raised from when Lupe said to Peter Rosenberg that he thinks Logic and also King Los are actually far better than Kendrick Lamar.

According to Lupe, he was actually semi-serious concerning his take however he declares that he definitely does not give a damn concerning who is actually much better than who.

” I was actually light-weight trolling Peter Rosenberg ’cause he was actually all on Kendrick’s nuts,” states Lupe in the course of his discussion with Joe. “I felt like, ‘Logic is actually far better than Kendrick and also King Los is actually far better than everybody.'”

When talked to if he was actually trolling the whole entire technique, Lupe claims that he was actually partially authentic regarding it.

“I was semi-serious,” he says. “You understand I do not actually care about who is actually much better as well as who is actually certainly not. King Los is actually much better than me. On some pure rapping, he is actually far better than everyone.Conceptually, I’m a demon. But when it comes to just raw rapping, nobody’s fucking with Los.”

It will just have actually been much better if Logic signed up with the telephone call.

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